HTML5 beginners Tutorial

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HTML5 is the latest and enhanced version of HTML.

HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web.



HTML5 provides some new elements and attributes that helps in building a modern websites. Following are features provided in HTML5.

Semantic Elements: These are like <header>, <footer>, <section> and <article>.

Local Storage and Session Storage: As HTML5 Web Storage stores the data on Object basis.

Canvas: This supports a two-dimensional drawing surface that you can program with JavaScript and Jquery.

Audio & Video: You can embed audio or video on your web pages without installing ant third-party plugins.

Geolocation: Now visitors can choose to share their physical location with your web application.

Drag and drop: Drag and drop the items from one location to another location on a the same webpage.


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